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Gender-Diverse Pan-Asian Collective


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ShayShay, alongside Evelyn Carnate and Lilly SnatchDragon,  is co-founder of the Pan-Asian cabaret collective The Bitten Peach, whose mission is to empower the queer Asian community by providing safe spaces, diversifying Asian representation, and educating non-Asians on racial issues.

The Bitten Peach is a collective of performers and artists of Asian descent focused on creating spaces to tell our own stories, where we foster Asian talent and work to empower the Pan-Asian community. We entertain and educate! We use our collective voice to speak out on racial issues that affect the Asian community, and people of colour at large. 

ShayShay has produced and directed shows with the Bitten Peach at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, The National Theatre, The Pleasance, and the Underbelly Festival.

QX Magazine Cover Story

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Boyz Magazine Interview with

Founder Lilly SnatchDragon

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Evelyn Carnate

“Representation is important, because seeing the same people/same type of work/same style of art/same anything over and over again is not interesting! Many people are missing out on all this exciting, diverse work happening around them because it’s not highlighted enough.”



“Within society, even queer society, Asian representation is rarely seen. There is so much beauty out there and it’s only fair that we see diversity in that beauty. We live in a world that is full of amazing stories and it’s only fair that we see that representation everywhere, Asians are make up about 60% of the world population yet there is barely any representation."



“Growing up both queer and mixed race means a load of identity issues to deal with and zero role models! It’s so important to make everyone, in particular younger people, realise it’s okay to be proud of who you are, regardless of gender identity, sexuality or race.”



"Things that are important are visibility, expression and creating new types of narratives for the different Asian communities that exist within the UK (and globally). As well as having a voice and platform that we create for ourselves, how we want to be portrayed and the unique identities within."

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