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The Witches of Oz

Written and Directed by ShayShay

Semi-immersive sequel to ‘Wicked’/‘The Wizard of Oz’, in which all the characters are queer.  Part-panto, part-musical with a cast of drag and cabaret artists.

Twenty years after the events of 'The Wizard of Oz', the Witches are lock in a fierce battle for control of Oz, which is under threat from an impending blizzard. But when the all grown up, and now non-binary, Dorothey returns to Oz, will their arrival sway the tides for Good or Wicked.

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Off West End Awards

Nominee - Best Production

Category: IDEA (Immersive, Devised, Experimental or Atypical productions)


ShayShay’s script is hilariously topical, touching on a multitude of important topics throughout, including gender, sexuality and politics. Taking inspiration from both Wicked and The Wizard of Oz, this parody musical has parts which feel akin to a pantomime, is stuffed full of pop culture references and includes jukebox musical numbers, which are performed exceptionally well. Throughout, the show is delightfully camp and a pure joy to watch.

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ShayShay has put together yet another parody masterpiece – hilarious, topical and full of fun. The main themes of climate change, political corruption, gender identity and inclusivity are masterfully woven into the pun-filled plot, keeping it relevant and engaging, yet wrapped in so many witty jokes and pantomime style scenes that it subtly puts the point across, without taking itself seriously. 


Joyful queer panto infused with gender euphoria… it's anti-capitalist and explicitly queer, revelling in subverting society’s gender expectations... It's done with plenty of froth and innuendo, but also with a foundational sincerity that has the audience whooping in solidarity. 

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